High Performance Turntables

Redpoint Audio Design

“A good fellow and easy to get along with. Makes good turntables.”

—Tim De Paravicini 

Your heart does not beat in ones and zeros.

Neither does ours. Analog audio remains the only real path to realistic, coherent, glorious sound your ears, mind and heart can listen to for hours without fatigue. We are passionate about analog because we are passionate about music.

(We hope you’ll agree the eye-catching side-effects of our efforts are a most happy coincidence.)


There’s living, breathing sound hiding in your vinyl. 

Redpoint Turntables extract more of the living, breathing sound hiding on well-recorded vinyl. Years of experimentation and research now make it possible to hear more of the high-resolution audio on LP's. Made in the USA, machined from solid billets of aircraft aluminum and Teflon, loaded with lead shot and damping oil, Redpoint Turntables deliver. We bring the cutting edge of modern machinery, physics and design to the singular purpose of silencing the equipment and leaving you to the enjoyment of the music.


Silence is golden.

The more you hear from a turntable, the less music you hear from a record. Our years of research and experimentation have proven the ironic truth that a massive, suspensionless design rendered in aluminum, brass, stainless steel and Teflon is the best path to hearing more music and less of the equipment required to play it. More mass, wielded correctly, means less resonance and more stability. If the music is the message, then we endeavor to be its invisible messenger.