Accessories | High-Performance Analog

We know how to make a turntable worthy of your music and your ears. In the process, we've also learned what best supports such a system.

The Redpoint Audio Disc Light and Audio Disc Heavy Record Weights provide superior stability from above. 

From below, the Redpoint Isolation Base, designed by Redpoint Audio Design and custom-built by Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS), isolates the motor pod on its granite plinth. Those accustomed to resting palm or pinky on a turntable’s base will appreciate a matching pinky rest.

Redpoint Audio Design is also the home of Blakhole Sound Isolation Feet. Blakholes provide simple, super-massive component isolation that must be heard to be believed.

  • Blakholes

    If you put all your high-end audio components into a black hole, what would remain? We may never know. But when you put your audio gear on Redpoint Blakhole Sound Isolation Feet, clean, pure music is all that’s left.

  • Record Weights

    Choosing the right weight for the right music is a personal choice—much like choosing the right arm/cartridge combination. Redpoint offers two record weight models designed for high mass turntables.

  • Arm Pods

    Redpoint Turntables are designed to accommodate multiple tonearms. Simply place the arm of your choosing (pre-configured in its own pod) on the plinth, no further alignment required. Then just drop whichever needle (on whichever arm!) best suits the album you're playing.

  • Pinky Rests

    The Redpoint Model XX Turntable comes with a pinky rest. But you can order a matching pinky rest with any Redpoint Turntable. Whether you rest your pinky or your palm while you cue-up a track, the Redpoint Pinky Rest provides the perfect spot.