Additional Arm Pods

You can use multiple tonearms with your Redpoint Turntable

In a well-refined, finely tuned high-end audio system, matching the right tonearm and cartridge with the right music can make a world of difference. Many listeners prefer the sound of different tonearms and cartridges for different types of music. You can easily configure more than one tonearm on a Redpoint Turntable. It's one of the reasons we build them this way.

Redpoint Turntables are designed with a unique and highly customizable approach to tonearms. Simply place the arm of your choosing (pre-configured in its own pod) on the plinth, no further alignment required. Then you can drop whichever needle (on whichever arm!) that best suits the album you're playing. The Redpoint Turntable can adapt to you and to your music.