Redpoint Blakhole Isolation Feet

Resonance Control that Eliminates Vibrations and Reduces Interference

If you put all your high-end audio components into a black hole, what would remain? We may never know. But when you put your audio gear on Redpoint Blakhole Sound Isolation Feet, clean, pure music is all that’s left.

Stephen Hawking suggests that “not only does God play dice…” he sometimes casts them in black holes, out of human sight. And scientists continue to debate whether anything that’s lost in a black hole can ever be found. Any place good enough to hide God and time and space is the perfect place for all that resonance, interference—noise—your audio equipment makes while trying to reproduce music for you.

Redpoint designed and built the Blakhole to be just that: a black hole to suck away vibrations, interference, and resonance from your audio components. Blakholes clear the sonic sky for sound that has greater clarity and better definition—especially in the mid-range and upper register frequencies.

Lightbox ImageBlakholes cause a startling focus of imaging and enhancement of the soundstage’s width and depth. If you are new to isolation and resonance control products, you really have to hear to believe the dramatic impact of such a small and relatively inexpensive device ($300 for a set of 3).

The number of Blakholes you use—and where you use them—can produce shocking results. The effect of Blakholes is tunable through the strategic placement and choice of quantity. Sometimes, more Blakholes used in concert on a component will yield better results. Other times, simply moving one or more Blakholes to a different spot will do the trick. Often, placing a Blakholes directly underneath the areas of the electronics chassis that exert the most weight is a good starting point.

At the 2012 T.H.E. Show Newport, Stereophile's Jason Victor Serinus talked to Dan Meinwald of EAR USA after having a "wonderful" and "lucious" listening experience in Dan's room. Jason noticed the "feet" under Dan's MacBook Pro and asked about them. Jason writes that Dan's enthusiasm for Blakholes was infectious as "[Dan] sang the praises of the Redpoint Blakhole feet."  (T.H.E. Show Newport 2012 EAR's Luscious Earful By Jason Victor Serinus • Posted: Jun 6, 2012)

Blakholes are sold in sets of three for $300/set. Ask your retailer about Redpoint Blakholes. Or contact Wes Bender Studio NYC to audition or order some!