Redpoint Turntables and Peter Clark Get a Shout-Out from a Seminal Audio Designer and Living Legend

“A good fellow and easy to get along with. Makes good turntables.” 
—Tim De Paravicini
Sometimes people say the nicest things. When those people happen to be seminal professional and audio designer and builder Tim de Paravicini, we are truly honored and humbled.
De Paravicini is one of less than a dozen living beings who can be characterized as seminal in home and professional audio—without the faintest whiff of hyperbole. 
Few audio designers have attempted—much less achieved—such a broad range of audio engineering feats as Tim de Paravicini. De Paravicini’s innovative techniques have not only borne fruit in products bearing his own name (and EAR brand), as well as in designs for some of the world’s most highly regarded electronics manufacturers. Some of these designs have been continually prized—and sought—by discerning listeners for decades after their introduction.
Tim de Paravicini has also made unique contributions to the world of professional recording and mastering. Users of his tape recording systems, microphones, and other recording technology include performers Pink Floyd and Lenny Kravitz, and the Altarus and Water Lily record labels. One of the world’s highest-ranked mastering facilities, The Exchange in London, uses two playback systems in which the entire chain—from tape machines and equalizers to cutter amplifiers and monitoring equipment—is designed and built by Tim de Paravicini.
And so it is against this backdrop that we appreciate and take to heart Tim de Paravicini’s succinct and unsolicited compliment. Thanks Tim!

Video: Faceted Model MG Turntable 

AV Showrooms posted short clip below of a Redpoint Model MG faceted (special edition) turntable in action spinning some jazz vinyl at the 2012 New York Audio & AV Show.  Bling!


Hit It Out of the Park Again!

A special "faceted" edition of the Redpoint Model MG Turntable provided the anolog source for the Wes Bender Studio NYC room at this year's New York Audio & AV Show. Audiophilia's Henry Wilkenson liked what he heard there and saying "Wes Bender Studio NYC once again hit it out of the park sonically."  Henry gave a specific shout-out to the "terrific" Redpoint Model MG turntable.

Wilkenson took this photo of that "terrific" Redpoint Turntable:


" . . . Controlled, Well-Balanced, and Vivid . . . " Even When "Monumentally Loud"

Jeremy Kipnis at Home Theater Review called the Wes Bender Studio NYC room "one of the best sounding rooms" of the whole show at NYAV2012. The analog playback source for WBSNYC's system was a Redpoint Model MG. Kipnis wrote that "Listening to a Wes Bender Studio NYC system is like putting yourself in the hands of a master." He also noted the exceptional "strong positive reaction to the visual design" of the the Redpoint Turntable and the "controlled, well-balanced, and vivid" sound "even during the most monumentally loud moments from the great vinyl set-up."

Michael Fremer Listens to Redpoint at NYAV12

In his "Confessions of a Part-Time Audiophile" blog, the Part-Time Audiophile wrote about his highly positive experience listening to music in the Wes Bender Studio NYC Room at this year's New York Audio & AV Show. While there, he was also treated to some record spinning courtesy of full-time audiophile, Michael Fremer.

The Part-Time Audiophile said WBSNYC at NYAV12 was "more than a room... It was a tour-de-force."

"You have to give credit where it’s due...Bass power. Treble clarity. Mid range draw. It was unreal! Well done."  With such a glowing review, we can overlook his initial confusion about the Redpoint MG Turntable.

The Part-Time Audiophile also shared a wonderful anecdote of his time in the WBSNYC room. He recounts when Stereophile's Michael Fremer, came by and played some of his records on the Redpoint MG: "Yes, he brings his own vinyl to every room. Yes, there’s some witty repartee before he takes his seat and yes, he produces LPs with a theatrical flourish." But Fremer did not come by WBSNYC to air wit and flourish, as the Part-Time Audiophile observes: "That man knows his vinyl and he’s a hawk for good sound." 

Redpoint thanks both the Part-Time Audiophile and the full-time audiophile for coming by and listenting to vinyl on a Redpoint Turntable at NYAV12.