The Redpoint Model D Turntable

Redpoint starts its new line at the top with the Model D.

Redpoint built up its new line of turntables, not from the ground, but from the achievements and technology at the top of the award-winning line that preceded it.
The Redpoint Model D Turntable

The original Redpoint Model D Turntable still turns heads, grabs eyes, and stirs souls especially when it spins vinyl. It was the top of Redpoint's line and many listeners and reviewers found it to be unsurpassed—at any price. Greg Weaver's throrough and ecstatic review in Issue 38 of Positive Feedback typifies the deep, visceral impact and sheer joy listeners feel when they hear the music spinning off the Model D. Greg made the Model D a part of his personal system. Perhaps that says it all, but here are a few more things Greg said about the Model D (before he decided to buy one):

...What an accomplishment! The D provides bone-crushing bass, living, breathing midrange and treble so crisp and clear you’ll recognize a cymbal’s brand.
...Once you are treated to its exquisite, world-class performance, easily on par with any table I've heard at 2, or even 3, times its price, I'm compelled to suggest that, all else being equal (i.e., its resultant stunning sonic performance), this degree of achievement, when viewed in the light of its elegantly simplistic engineering approach, would almost demand that it be seen as the better approach. Point, set, and match, Redpoint.
...Go out of your way as far as necessary, painfully so if need be, to have the Redpoint experience. You will NOT soon forget the encounter. Most MUSICALLY recommended.
...Not to put too fine a point on the matter, but the Redpoint Model D is the finest sounding, most exciting turntable to every cross my threshold. Further, it is undeniably one of the 4 or 5 finest sounding 'tables I've ever experienced—regardless of asking price—period.

The new Model D begins with a solid billet base of aircraft aluminum and features a more advanced 2" Teflon Composite Platter damped by silicone oil. The Model D features distinctive, rare and sonically superior black Teflon. Full silicone damping is employed in the battery-powered 12V DC motor with precious metal brushes and sleeve bearings. A custom-designed arm pod awaits your chosen tonearm and is also fully damped by silicone oil. Additional arm pods may be purchased to accommodate additional tonearms. The Model D is finished in Lexus metallic/pearlescent white. Total weight: ~150 lbs., depending on options.