The Redpoint Model MG Turntable

Muy grande! The Redpoint Model MG is bigger and has more mass than the Model D. Like the D, the base, platter carrier, motor and arm pods are machined from billet aircraft aluminum. But the MG is 40% taller and has 30% more mass. That brings substantially more passive damping to the MG—especially in the base. The larger size and increased height of the components also provides larger damping cavities. And it allows for more silicone oil and bismuth shot for active damping throughout the turntable. A 2" thick insert of rare black Teflon tops the aluminum platter carrier. The entire Teflon and platter carrier assembly receive a patented dry vapor deep cryogenic treatment by Crogenics International. The platter rides on a precision stainless steel and brass bearing. The Redpoint Model MG comes with a stainless steel record weight filled with bisumuth shot. And it is finished in Mercedes steel gray high metallic paint standard. Custom colors are available at additional cost, upon request by specification.