Redpoint Audio Design Turntables:
High-tech, high performance—simple, effective, elegant design.


Every turntable model in the Redpoint product line comes ready to re-connect you to your records. Clarity of sound and depth of bass come standard, by design. And the design of a Redpoint turntable is truly optimal. Research—ie, truly extensive listening—has proven that the materials and internal damping make important, audible differences. The type and placement of internal damping and other material refinements distinguish the models and their performance.

All Redpoint Turntables include a motor pod, battery and charger, an arm pod with top plate to the specification of the customer and a record weight. The Model MG brings greater mass and comes with a refined teflon platter that is also cryogenically treated. The Model XX pushes the best of Redpoint research to the limit.  The Model XX is significantly more massive and comes with a stand designed and built exclusively for the XX.

Ideally, your listening needs and preferences — and the system in which you will use a Redpoint turntable — should guide your selection as much, if not more, than price.

A Redpoint dealer will help match your listening needs and preferences to the appropriate model.

Read more about the current line of Redpoint Turntables and learn which model will best re-acquaint you with all that you love about vinyl, analog audio, and the music you play.

  • Model D

    Redpoint starts its new line at the top with the Model D — built from the achievements and technology at the top of the award-winning line that preceded it.

  • Model MG

    Muy Grande! — 40% taller and 30% more mass than the Model D means more passive damping. This ’table is cryogenically treated too.

  • Model XX

    Over 12 years of research, design and listening comes together in a simple, elegant, effective design that includes a custom-designed, hand-built stand.